Zeeshan Hoodbhoy Begins LiveALongLife.com Nonprofit and Life Science Health Centers

Maintaining a wholesome Lifestyle has become extremely hard nowadays. People have to squeeze in certain time using their busy schedules with regards to exercising. Business tensions or even pressure at home, managing kids and so on, they seldom have time for themselves or their families during the entire week because of high work load. Parents do lots of effort to have their kids far from stress. But children are in danger too simply because they face exactly the same pressure in school and therefore are highly subjected to unhealthy food and dietary habits. This is among the reasons behind increased childhood obesity. ZeeshanHoodbhoy is definitely an advocate of Health and promotes education of nutrition and health amongst parents in addition to children. Throughout his final year of medical school he spent extensive time dealing with children and realizing where society was falling short.

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Parents cannot refuse towards the little requests their kids make based on the type of food they decide to eat. If there is no physical activity involved, but at the same time parents cannot even ignore the fact that this food can be extremely unhealthy for them especially. Through his new health projects, ZeeshanHoodbhoy aims at supplying the right direction to parents in addition to children. Zeeshan also endorses and supports various non-profit health awareness events for the advantage of wellness and health.

It is extremely essential to stay healthy as well as in shape from a tender age in order to avoid major illnesses in the future. Obesity leads to many other conditions like coronary heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and cancer metabolic syndrome, abnormal bloodarthritis and fats, obstructive sleep apnea, breathing gallstones, disorders and even infertility in girls. A wholesome lifestyle will invariably help people avoid such ailments and live longer without needing to invest in medical hospitalization and bills. Through his projects, ZeeshanHoodbhoy aims at promoting a lengthy and healthy life. As an element of various projects ZeeshanHoodbhoy also promoted various blood drives and 5k walks for promoting healthy lifestyles amongst kids in addition to adults.

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ZeeshanHoodbhoy graduated from Medical School in the year 2011 and holds his Doctor of Medicine degree from Spartan School of Medicine. Zeeshan happens to be pursuing residency in Internal Medicine. Zeeshan performed his externship after medical school and received certificate of distinction from Stanford School of Medicine together with Harvard University. He has divulged himself around celebrity role models to help promote and educate healthy lifestyles and wellness, as he works towards getting his license to practice medicine.


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